Specialty Treatments

Mii amo is fortunate to work with some of the most gifted and experienced therapists in the world. They share their intuitive skills through these specialty treatments they created exclusively for us. Availability is limited and guests must be at least 18 years of age.

» Prices do not include gratuities or tax.

  • Journey Spa® Treatment

    120 minutes $350

    This is a unique opportunity to spend a two-hour, personalized session with one of our world-renowned therapists. Your Journey begins with sharing your goals and aspirations during a private consultation. This sets the path for your therapist to create and perform a multifaceted session that addresses your individual needs. Mii amo therapists will use a variety of techniques and therapies throughout your Journey to achieve your desired results.
  • Soul Seeker

    90 minutes $290
    120 minutes $350 (shared)

    A master therapist provides a blend of advanced techniques to heighten your awareness, help you gain a new perspective, or reconnect you with your true inner self. The techniques may include guided imagery, energy work, shamanic work, soul journeying, somatic emotional release and breath-work, depending on your goal for the session as you explore different realms together. More of an experience than a traditional treatment, the intention of this session is transformation and exploration.
  • Aura-Soma Color Reading

    60 minutes $250
    90 minutes $290

    Aura-Soma is a color system from England based on vibrant, alive plant color, essential oils and flower essences. The colors we are drawn to reveal who we really are, our talents, our gifts and life lessons. Experience an in-depth reading based on your choice of four Equilibrium Oils. This color reading allows you to understand yourself on a deeper level and supports you in returning to balance with your original potential. Our 90-minute session includes a gentle color-balancing massage with one of your Equilibrium Oils.
  • Aura-Soma Relationship Reading

    90 minutes $290

    This Aura-Soma Color Reading offers ways for couples, business partners or family members to learn to recognize and value each other’s unique gifts and qualities. Understanding what it is that you contribute to a relationship and what it is that you can learn from the other person allows more space for respect and enjoyment of each other.
  • Energy Intelligence

    90 minutes $290

    This treatment is designed to explore the body’s energy and its innate intelligence. Energy work, massage, meditation and breath work will be customized to address your life’s challenges. Aided by your therapist’s healing and psychic skills, you will explore your own energy: what limits you and what makes you thrive. You can now choose to embrace yourself as a whole person. Living in “yes” to your life energy is sacred; it unlocks a reservoir of inner resources and opens the door to a spiritual life.
  • Harmony

    90 minutes $290

    Through their intuitive and psychic abilities, your therapist will use a variety of healing techniques to realign the body and energy pathways, promoting health on every level. You will receive a customized guided meditation and an in-depth reading and exploration. Though no massage is involved, this has proven to be one of our most profound and life-altering sessions offered.
  • Inner Quest

    60 minutes $250

    Reflective of Native American ceremony and ritual, this treatment utilizes elements sacred to Native Americans. It begins with an invitation to the four directions of the Medicine Wheel representing the four stages of life. You are wrapped in the Circle of Life blanket which is used to create the warmth of a sweat lodge to honor the tribal elders, or Wisdom Keepers, who pass down teachings and spiritual direction. Sweet grass is burned with the intention to bring good things and experience the positive way of life. This beautiful ceremony allows you to reconnect with your inner self and keep the sacred wisdom of the Native American culture alive.
  • Psychic Massage

    60 minutes $250
    90 minutes $290

    Through sensitive touch and meditative presence, your therapist will assist you in reconnecting to your true self. You will receive an energy reading of your spirit, body and mind to understand more deeply the different aspects of your psyche and become more conscious of your hidden gifts and qualities. Psychic Massage expands your perception of energy, allowing you to let go of fear and unconscious patterns, finding a new balance between your body and spirit, moving your entire being into a more authentic life of who you want to be.