Skin Care

Set your intention for radiant, healthy skin. Our estheticians customize each facial, choosing from among the finest products available including Mii amo's Signature Line, Eminence and Lucrece.

» Prices do not include gratuities or tax.

  • Mii amo Signature Facial

    60 minutes $160
    90 minutes $235

    This facial is exclusive to Mii amo. Our Signature products are made with the finest natural ingredients, botanical extracts and pure essential oils. We incorporate local ingredients where possible and use no artificial color, fragrances or filler. With the 90-minute session, you will receive a unique facial massage with turquoise stones.

  • Ayurvedic Facial

    60 minutes $160

    Our Ayurvedic Facial uses traditional herbs from India to clean and balance your skin. The products are suited to your “Dosha,” which is the true state of your skin at the present moment. Using exquisite floral oils, your facial massage incorporates Marma points to balance not only the energy above your shoulders but your entire body, mind and spirit.

  • Simply Shirodhara

    60 minutes $160

    This is an ancient Eastern Indian therapy used for centuries to restore inner calm, balance the emotions, and rejuvenate hair and scalp. The Shirodhara begins with a mini-facial using herbal cleansers, facial oils and lovely floral essences of India, then finishes by pouring a thin, gentle stream of warm herbal oil on the “third eye.” Calm your mind and stimulate your senses with this delightful, sensuous experience.

  • Ayurvedic Facial with Shirodhara

    90 minutes $235

    Combine the Ayurvedic Facial with Simply Shirodhara for an incredible feeling of calmness. Ayurvedic wisdom advises leaving the remaining oil on your hair and scalp overnight for maximum benefit.

  • Hydrating Facial

    60 minutes $160
    90 minutes $235

    Sun damage can catch up to you, leaving your skin dry and dehydrated. This facial will help correct hyper-pigmentation with a thorough cleansing followed by the application of serums and masks that hydrate, lighten and brighten your skin. With the 90-minute session, you will receive an additional mask and a foot massage.
  • Clarifying Facial

    60 minutes $160
    90 minutes $235

    This deep cleansing facial is a great way to start your spa experience. Removing the daily pollutants locked in the skin and lifting the dead skin cells which dull and block healthy cell tissue, this facial leaves your face fresh, moisturized and glowing. Especially recommended for acne or congested skin. With the 90-minute session, you will receive an additional mask and a foot massage.
  • Lymphatic Facial

    60 minutes $160

    This treatment stimulates the lymphatic drainage system to help eliminate bacteria, wastes and toxins while improving skin tone and texture. It also provides a natural solution for firming tissue and reducing puffiness around the eyes and chin. The balancing facial selected for you will be based upon an evaluation of your skin type for the best possible results.

  • Journeyman's Facial

    60 minutes $160
    90 minutes $235

    This results-oriented treatment, using products specifically crafted for men, combines deep cleansing with calming and clarifying properties to effectively treat congestion and irritation that occur as a result of athletic activities and frequent shaving. With the 90-minute session, you will receive an additional mask and a foot massage. To prepare for your facial, we recommend you shave at least 8 to 12 hours prior to your treatment time.

  • Calming Facial

    60 minutes $160
    90 minutes $235

    This facial will calm and soothe the most reactive of skin and is an ideal choice for anyone with rosacea, sensitive or red, inflamed skin. It will leave you feeling ready to face the world again. With the 90-minute session, you will receive an additional mask and a foot massage.
  • Rejuvenating Facial

    60 minutes $160
    90 minutes $235

    A deep cleansing and rejuvenating facial for aging and problem skin. This results-oriented facial uses fruit acids to achieve a fantastic exfoliation. The active products stimulate circulation and detoxify the deep layers, leaving your skin glowing, toned and firm.

    With the 90-minute session, you will receive an additional mask and a foot massage
  • Makeup Consultation

    60 minutes $85

    Let one of our expert staff members introduce you to our all-natural mineral makeup, La Bella Donna, and show you how to create a beautiful, healthy glow.

  • Elevate Your Facial

    $40 (Add one to a 60-minute facial or up to two to a 90-minute)
    120 minutes $320 (Add all six to any 60-minute facial for the ultimate experience.)

    Give some attention to often neglected areas by adding any of these mini-services to your facial experience.

    Eye Opener: Instantly alleviate puffiness, and tone and tighten the sensitive area around the eyes.

    Lip Service: Exfoliate, hydrate and lightly plump the lips with organic products that produce results.

    Neck Lifter: Tone and tighten around the neck and jaw line, then add an enzyme treatment and moisturizer.

    Ear Energizer: Infuse antioxidants into this hard-to-reach area with an exfoliation, mask and moisturizer.

    Hand Brightener: Exfoliate and hydrate with a sugar scrub, then spot-treat to tone, tighten and brighten.

    Foot Refresher: Cleanse, purify, exfoliate and hydrate with a sugar scrub that actually melts into your skin. Available for 90-minute facials.

  • Waxing Add-on

    $20 (Price for each - not available independently)

    Lip or brows or chin