Mother-To-Be Treatments

These gentle treatments help soothe, relax and support the mother-to-be.

» Prices do not include gratuities or tax.

  • Pre-Natal Massage

    60 minutes $160

    Designed to nurture and support both mother and baby, this gentle massage focuses on the areas affected and stressed by pregnancy, and brings feelings of relaxation and calm.
  • Nutrition to Support Your Pregnancy

    60 minutes $160

    A consultation with our nutrition expert will help you understand the best ways to nourish yourself and your baby during and after your pregnancy to keep both of you at your best.
  • Reiki

    60 minutes $160

    Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that attunes the energy flow within the body and allows for your natural healing processes to occur. It works on the body, mind, heart and soul, always going where it is needed. Reiki works with energy and is not a hands-on treatment. It can leave you feeling refreshed and clear, often with a sense that something has shifted in some way. We recommend loose-fitting, comfortable clothing for this session.
  • Watsu

    60 minutes $160

    Watsu combines elements of massage, joint movement, Shiatsu and muscle stretching. The warmth of the water and the freedom from gravity allow flexibility of the spine that is rarely achieved through traditional massage methods. Please wear a bathing suit for this treatment.
  • Aura Soma Color Reading

    60 minutes $250
    90 minutes $290

  • Milk and Honey Bath

    60 minutes $160
    90 minutes $235

    This is an exfoliating and moisturizing experience for the entire body. The luxurious treatment begins with a honey scrub, followed by a warm bath filled with milk and honey, and culminates with a light massage. The 90-minute session adds a 30-minute massage. Please wear a bathing suit for this treatment.
  • Facials

  • A Woman's Journey

    60 minutes $160

    As women cycle through the different stages in their lives, their bodies and emotions are constantly shifting and changing. This consultation explores – through the use of nutrition, herbal and lifestyle support – how to maintain balance and control through life’s many phases.