Achieve a Higher Level of Competence and Skill

Golf instruction at Seven Canyons’ award-winning facilities teaches professional-level techniques and strategies to all skill levels, from amateur to more experienced, offering you a more enjoyable, confident experience while out on the course. Browse the diverse lesson types that range from a review of golf fundamentals to in-depth performance analysis, available for both groups and individuals.

Types of Golf Instruction

  • Private Lessons
    Available for one-hour or half-hour sessions, the Seven Canyons private instructors will help you get the most out of your game by honing in on specific skills, whether teeing off or curing a slice.
  • Private Instruction Series
    Players looking to reach a new level of skill can attend 4 one-hour or half-hour private sessions that focus on fundamentals and help you develop key practice routines to achieve your goals.
  • Group Private Lessons
    Couples, friends or groups of up to 4 receive professional private instruction during this hour-and-a-half lesson—a great way to work on your game while having fun.
  • Group Instruction Series
    A series of 4 one-hour sessions for groups of 5-10 that center around perfecting golf fundamentals such as chipping, putting, making bunker shots, improving your swing and getting more power. Groups can register for the entire series or for a single session.
  • Pro Playing Session
    Make the most out of your instruction by taking it directly to the course. Play 9 holes alongside a pro and learn how to break through mental barriers and enhance your personal strategy.
  • Complete Golfer School
    Round out your golf skill set with this two-day course designed to make you a complete golfer. Enhance your practice plan and undergo an equipment analysis with instruction developed by Dave Bisbee, Seven Canyons’ acclaimed Director of Golf Operations.
  • Scoring Zone School
    This one-and-a-half-day course teaches insider strategies for how to play your best in the critical scoring zone. Learn pro techniques for mastering pitch shots, chip shots, putting and greenside bunker shots while reducing your handicap.
  • Performance Profile and Interpretive Guide
  • A comprehensive evaluation of your golf game that identifies your strengths and your stress factors to help you break through performance barriers and play with greater confidence and ease.

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