Why Hula Hoop Now

By Enchantment Resort (December 5, 2012) | Return to Blog

Suzy and her handmade hoops

World Hoop Day is Wednesday, Dec 12, 2012, when hoopers around the world will be hooping for peace and health at sunset. Here’s an inspirational story from our Sedona resort hula hoop instructor who has lost 25 pounds during the 18 months she’s been hooping. Suzy not only teaches guests how to hoop, she can show you how to make your own hoop. Why not start now and you’ll be hooping with the rest of the world next Wednesday.

By Suzy Lande, Activities Staff
I have always been active throughout my life, but in my late 30s, injuries from my past started to haunt me: lower back issues, tendonitis… off the charts! Any exercise I did brought on pain. So what did I do? I gained a lot of extra weight and was depressed. Until one day, my friend pulled out her new hoop…I gave it a whirl and couldn’t keep it up for the life of me. Persevere and it shall, and it does! That day I found something so spectacular and yet so simple.

My life started to change, smiling and laughter took the place of sadness, and I was excited to finally find a form of exercise that did not cause pain, but felt comforting and allowed me to laugh at myself. I think other hoopers will agree: it is magical, and you will be transformed into a better you.

*Hooping can burn as many calories in an hour as a boot-camp style workout
*Hooping can tighten and strengthen the core, leading to a stronger back.
* Hooping is great for our digestive system.
*Hooping is good for our spirit and mind in a beautifully meditative and calming manner.
*Hooping is aerobic and can raise our level of attention and ability to focus.
*Hooping is more revitalizing than a nap.
* Hooping is fun!

Stop by the Activities Center at Enchantment Resort to try out our hula hoops, or join one of my complimentary classes this spring. See you in the circle!