The Low Down on a Rub Down

By Lynette Bazzill (October 18, 2010) | Return to Blog

I’m routinely asked by guests what the difference is between Swedish and Deep Tissue massage. This is a great question! So here is the simple low down.

Deep Tissue massage targets the deep muscles and the connective tissue that bonds muscle to muscle and bone to muscle. It works great on old injuries where a lot of scar tissue has built up. It also works great on chronic tightening of the muscles that can be caused from years of the same routine, for example working at a desk or driving long distances. With Deep Tissue massage the therapist uses medium to very firm pressure to work specific areas of concern which helps to break up scar tissue and old adhesions. My guests usually report an immediate release of tension, improved mobility and better range of motion.

Swedish massage involves many different aspects of the body. It is nourishing for the skin, increases circulation, loosens tight muscles, boosts the immune system, lowers blood pressure and calms the central nervous. The work can be gentle or very firm. It involves long graceful strokes and kneading of the larger muscles. Swedish massage is wonderful for releasing endorphins, leaving you feeling distressed and profoundly relaxed.

If you are new to the world of massage I suggest trying a Custom massage. This will allow you to try both Swedish and Deep Tissue. It’s the perfect way to find what works best for you. Hope to see you on my table soon.

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