Save Your Arm

By John Meyers (September 22, 2010) | Return to Blog

Along with the advent of various breakthroughs in racquet and string technology,tennis players have enjoyed the benefits of more power, spin, and control. The modern game has seen all kinds of changes with extreme grips, two-handed backhands, stroke technique,and even footwork. The downside of all this…the unforgiving and ultra-light graphite frames and stiff strings will inevitably take their toll on your arm. The good news – there are at least three simple ways to alleviate the chance of wrist, elbow, and shoulder injuries.

# 1  Use soft strings
# 2  Go down on tension
# 3  Improved technique

A soft, multi-filament string (try Tecnifibre or Wilson NXT ) will decrease the shock of impact on your arm. Reducing string tension by 3-5 lbs below the recommended mid-range provides a more forgiving string bed, and further reduces vibration. Thirdly, and possibly most important, visit your local teaching pro (or me when you visit here!). A little tweak of the grip, a slight adjustment on your backhand or forehand, or even an astute observation that your serve has more hitches than a horse ranch might save you many days of pain and suffering.

Hopefully, with these tips all you old dogs out there can quit whining and spend more time on the court. And yes, you CAN teach an old dog new tricks!!

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