Host an Unforgettable Meeting, in a Breathtaking Setting

By Ali Lundberg (January 6, 2011) | Return to Blog

As a business professional, you may choose to have a destination meeting for a variety of reasons. Your business space might be undergoing repairs, or you may desire to create an environment for your employees where they can enjoy the benefits of a team-building atmosphere while accomplishing tasks away from the workplace. Whatever your reason, having a Sedona meeting has the potential to dramatically benefit your employees and company as a whole.

Accommodating Facilities

Whether your meeting is for a small corporate board or a large number of business associates, hosting your meeting at Arizona’s premier Southwestern resort is a winning combination. Enchantment Resort features flexible meeting space that feature the best of the resort’s spectacular Sedona setting, with over 13,000 square feet of usable meeting and event space, and 20,000 square feet of picturesque outdoor space for any special event or function.

There are ballrooms, function rooms, and countless locations to accommodate you and your staff amidst beautiful scenery. These areas are enhanced with advanced technological capabilities, giving you the flexibility to create a dynamic presentation or meeting built upon participation.

Balance Work and Pleasure

Without question, Enchantment will offer you the tools to accomplish tasks and meet the goals of your meeting in Sedona. However, when the day is done and your meeting is nearing its completion, you and your employees will be able to enjoy the beauty of one of the most gorgeous Southwestern resorts around. Enchantment’s unforgettable suites, award-winning amenities, and mind-body-spirit building exercises will revitalize your staff and leave them feeling peaceful, focused, and far happier.

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