Enchantment Resort Honors Earth Day

By Ali Lundberg (April 4, 2011) | Return to Blog

Enchantment Resort has orchestrated 3 days of events from April 22-24, honoring planet Earth, including gardening, cooking, wine tasting, joyful dancing and star gazing.  Guests will relax in beautiful natural surroundings, learn to release tension and restore balance for a healthier existence.  All events are open to guests of Enchantment Resort and Mii amo.  For a complete list of activities, please visit http://enchantmentresort.com/activities/calendar/

Highlights include:

o Apache Teachings:  Listen to authentic Apache teachers as they share traditional knowledge of Boynton Canyon

o Gardening from the Inside Out:  Eloquent, inspiring and passionate, Bill McDorman challenges gardeners to breathe deeply, slow down and create a new context of understanding of the spaces around them.  Rather than have their gardens be “one more thing they have to do,” Bill helps his audience reframe their relationship to this magical interface that is informative, whimsical and downright spiritual.

o IT’S ALIVE! Wildflower Walk:  In this delightful stroll in and around Enchantment, Bill McDorman will identify and share lore of the wild, edible and medicinal plants in our midst. He’ll throw in a bit of geology just to make sure we know where we are.  Most importantly Bill will engender a spirit of wonder as he inspires us to connect deeply with the world in which we live.

o Walking in Beauty:  Join Colette Coletta in an experiential class in awareness and appreciation of Mother Earth.  Explore images such as mandalas, sand paintings, and medicine wheels with regard to their meanings for various indigenous groups and the ways that these images can help develop a deeper connection and understanding of one’s true nature.

o Rising in Love:  Alok is a highly original Zen Calligraphic painter and provides a special demonstration of his art. Private sessions for a personalized calligraphic portrait for individuals, couples or families are available April 16 – 24 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the Mii amo library.
o Cooking Demo & Organic Wine Tasting:  Executive Chef Ted Cizma will prepare an appetizer of locally grown produce, house-baked bread and freshly made cheese, and pair it with the sustainable and organically farmed wines of Arizona Stronghold, made in the Verde Valley.