Chocolate + AZ Wine Pairing

By Babs Harrison (February 5, 2013) | Return to Blog

Red wine and chocolate is a classic pairing,

and Enchantment Resort’s Sedona culinary team has given it a deliciously fresh and regional spin.

First the dessert: Chocolate Guajillo Cornet, created by Pastry Chef Leonardo Ramirez.  A rich guajillo chocolate sauce (the guajillo is reminiscent of Mayan chocolate, and gives a tiny kick) on an upside-down chocolate cornet atop a citrus shortbread cookie with a piece of “balsamic glass” (hard sugar) to the side.  In the middle of the plate, aerated milk chocolate, which Ramirez best describes as “melt-in-your-mouth cotton candy” (OK Chef, now you’ve got us!)  And balancing out the plate is  a light and creamy port ice cream atop chocolate croquant.

Sommelier Michael Robb selected a limited production (only 200 half-bottles) of an Arizona fortified wine made from six different grapes to accompany this special dessert.  Called Dos Cabezas Boxcar (2010) it takes this dessert far and your palate will enjoy the ride.

Order it now, by March 1 this dynamic duo will be gone!


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