Che Ah Chi Documentary Now Available

By Kelly DJ (March 1, 2011) | Return to Blog

Whether you have been fortunate enough to visit Boynton Canyon or not, you can see what an amazing destination it is.  For centuries people have revered this sacred setting and now we have brought this Canyon’s history to life with our DVD Che Ah Chi, now available online and at our two boutiques located on property. Che Ah Chi, the Apache name for the legendary red rock canyon home to Enchantment Resort is a 30-minute film featuring interviews with tribal elders and geological experts that generously share their oral history and wisdom of the mysterious canyon with Native American filmmaker and director RJ Joseph.

Che Ah Chi is an engaging documentary featuring Native Americans and experts telling an intriguing history of Boynton Canyon’s dramatic earth changes, prehistoric ruins, creation stories, inhabitants and its healing waters. It is important to document the history of Boynton Canyon, ensuring future generations can fully understand its importance and significance. We had the privilege to document tribal elders revealing information usually reserved only for their own storytelling circles. Che Ah Chi gives viewers the opportunity to witness their deep insights into their respective cultures and gain a greater respect for this intricate canyon. You can view a segment of the documentary, by visiting It is sure to inspire a first or return visit.