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Enchantment Resort has orchestrated 3 days of events from April 22-24, honoring planet Earth, including gardening, cooking, wine tasting, joyful dancing and star gazing. Continue reading

“The Droppah”

By John Meyers (March 1, 2011)

During a somewhat mundane, workmanship match played out from the baseline, when commentator Patrick McEnroe exclaims “the droppah!” you can tell he is genuinely excited.  A shot more commonly used in the infancy of open tennis, the drop shot has recently … Continue reading

The hustle and bustle of our daily lives often times leaves us feeling fatigued, exhausted, and worn out. It is not uncommon to return home after a long day of work or school and collapse onto a favorite couch or … Continue reading

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As the lead hiking guide at Enchantment Resort and Mii amo over the past four years, I have had the pleasure of showing guests from all over the world our unique red rock country. The Coconino National Forest is a … Continue reading

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The Missing Link

By Jan Dibeler (October 4, 2010)

Most people don’t realize that stretching is both natural and instinctive. Humans and animals stretch naturally after waking up and after long periods of sitting or inactivity. It is done instinctively and feels wonderful immediately. Benefiting all people, it can … Continue reading

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