Fitness & Nutrition

  • Hike the Red Rocks

    120 minutes $320 (6)

    Explore Sedona's finest hiking trails and take in breathtaking views and vistas. On this guided hike you will discover the allure of the red rocks and the beautiful plants and wildlife that live in Northern Arizona. Trail difficulty ranges from easy to strenuous.

  • Yoga

    60 minutes $160 (2)
    90 minutes $250 (2)

    Designed for all ages and strength levels, this interactive yoga session includes a variety of proven methods such as stretching and breathing postures along with relaxation and meditation techniques. This session supports you in integrating body, mind and spirit through physical exercise, meditation and breathing.
  • Aqua Fitness

    60 minutes $160 (2)

    Increase your heart rate and have some fun while deepening the level of strength and flexibility you can achieve with the comfort, support and resistance of water.
  • Nutrition for Your Health

    60 minutes $160 (1)
    90 minutes $235 (1-2)
    120 minutes $320 (2)

    Each phase of life presents different challenges and nutritional concerns. Nutritional needs change over time as our bodies continue to evolve…toddlers have different needs than teenagers, just as aging adults differ from seniors. Some individuals may also need specific nutritional and wellness advice to stay strong and balanced as they move through a time of transition or face health challenges. Your nutritionist will offer powerful tools to maximize and improve your health.